Visualising Lost Theatres

Joanne Tompkins, Julie Holledge, Jonathan Bollen and Liyang Xia, Visualising Lost Theatres, Cambridge University Press, 2022.

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Visualising Lost Theatres harnesses virtual reality to uncover the history of five venues that have been ‘lost’ to us: London’s 1590s Rose Theatre; Bergen’s mid-nineteenth-century Komediehuset; Adelaide’s Queen’s Theatre of 1841; circus tents hosting Cantonese opera performances in Australia’s goldfields in the 1850s; and the Stardust showroom in 1950s Las Vegas. Shaping some of the most enduring genres of world theatre and cultural production, each venue marks a significant cultural transformation, charted here through detailed discussion of theatrical praxis and socio-political history.

Using virtual models as performance laboratories for research, Visualising Lost Theatres recreates the immersive feel of venues and reveals performance logistics for actors and audiences. Proposing a new methodology for using visualisations as a tool in theatre history, and providing 3D visualisations for the reader to consult alongside the text, this is a landmark contribution to the digital humanities.

  • The book provides new knowledge on each venue’s socio-political histories and theatrical praxis.
  • The project website provides the 3D venue models and fly-throughs to explore and download.